We look forward to working with you to create a spectacular entertainment experience for your unique event.  To help get your party started, below are some Entertainment Package and pricing examples, along with details about the outstanding Sound Equipment/Audio Packages SPANK the band offers.

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​​Entertainment Package, Pricing and Sound Equipment/Audio Options

$200-750 per hour, 3 hour minimum (rate varies by date/season/holiday). 

Music sets are customized to meet the needs of each unique event to ensure optimized timing of live music and breaks.  

Entertainment Package/Hourly Rate includes:

  • 4-5 piece band (lead vocalist, guitar, bass, drums + saxophone/vocalist).
  • On-stage audio equipment (QSC Touchmix 16 digital mixing board, microphones, monitors and electrical cords up to 30-feet from power sources). 
  • Planning meeting, pre-event walk-through, professional equipment set-up and tear down.
  • Recorded music during breaks using a 3 terabyte music library and virtual DJ Pro system.

Sound/Audio Packages, Options and Add-ons:

Sound Equipment & Audio Packages:

  • Package A ($150): Perfect for indoor spaces up to 5,000 square feet. Includes on-stage audio equipment plus two (2) QSC-KW122 12 inch 1000 watt PA speakers with stands and a QSC-KSub duel 12 inch 1000 watt sub woofer.

  • Package B ($200): Great for indoor spaces up to 30,000 square feet or outdoor spaces up to 15,000 square feet.  Includes on-stage audio equipment plus two (2) QSC-KW153 15 inch 1000 watt 3-way PA speakers with high-definition sound, speaker stands, and two (2) QSC-KW181 18 inch 1000 watt high definition sub woofers.

  • Package C ($300): Perfect for two adjacent spaces (e.g., indoor ballroom and outdoor terrace) or enhanced surround sound for large event/convention spaces. Includes on-stage audio equipment plus all equipment and features of both sound package A and B.
  • Customized sound packages for unique and/or extra large spaces are also available.

Other Options: 

  • Background Music Options - Great for Cocktail Hour, during Dinner or in between presentations.  Options include: full band without vocals (choice of contemporary music, jazz, standards, soft rock or customized mix), saxophone and/or stand-up bass solo.
  • Up-sized Band: Additional instruments, performers and/or an enhanced horn-section can be added upon request. Additional fees for add-ons may apply.

Notes: Time needed for Professional Set-up and Tear Down averages 1-3 hours and depends on proximity of loading dock to stage location and the sound package selected.  Extra time/charges may apply if loading dock is more than 1,000 feet from stage, if set-up requires navigating stairs, if set-up or tear-down time slot is not adjacent to the performance time, or if the venue is more than 50 miles from center city Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Standard venue requirements include: two separate and grounded circuits/power sources and parking for trailer and 5 vehicles. SPANK the band's Sound Equipment & Audio Packages can be included in your custom package, or booked separately from the band.  Audio packages are not required if the client or venue has their own sound equipment/speakers, and if it meets the necessary quality requirements.