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South Florida 

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telephone: 754-307-6369  |  email: bookings@SPANKtheband.com  |  website: www.SPANKtheband.com

Spanking all of South Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches.

Dale Reed,

Drums & Vocals 

“Work hard, play harder, and 
spank ​the skins."

SPANK the band is extremely versatile and can customize performances for any setting ranging from high-end venues to restaurants, sports pubs, neighborhood bars, corporate events and private parties in South Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the
Palm Beaches. 

Performing unique arrangements of rock favorites, this South Florida party band 

will spank you with their groove until you beg for more! 


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Click below to see SPANK the band in action. Or for more videos click HERE or visit the band's video pages on Facebook and  YouTube.

Meet the Band

What started out as a "Fool's Errand" became the SPANK the band.  

Learn more about this collective of musicians and how they met. >more


Kevin Doolittle,

Guitar & Vocals

“We just have to 
spank the audience
​until they
call us daddy!”